Where do most horse racing punters go wrong?

Probably the key difference between losers and consistent winners is the research they put in before they have a bet.

Many will bet on impulse.
Many will bet in the betting shop after a five minute glance at the Racing Post.

Quite simply this will NOT do.

Dave is not interested in hunches or impulse bets.

What he wants to see are the tell tale markers of historical betting profits
as identified by his exhaustive research of over many years worth of past horse racing results.

Dave in fact has at his disposal the results over 75,000 past horse races!

In these days of betting exchanges it is more apparent than ever that betting is a battle between punters.

Those with more knowledge and research to consult before they bet, will win the war and will fleece those who bet on impulse or using ill thought out ideas.

What side of the fence would you rather be on?

RacingTrends will provide you with information about what has been profitable to back or lay based on racing research data going back to the year 2000.

On RacingTrends you will get daily horse racing statistics you can trust - all
positive and negative statistics have been carefully compiled.


Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

A days racing could throw up thousands of statistics.

It is no good saying Trainer X has a 40% strike rate at course Y in
two year old maiden races, when the actual figures read two wins from five races.
Yes it is a 40% strike rate, but from a ridiculously small sample.

If the actual figures were 24 wins from 60 then that 40% figure becomes much more significant.

Dave does not want to waste his client’s time detailing every possible statistic.

What Dave wants to do is laser in on the most important and proven angles.

Positive stats for backers - MUST

Have a good overall win strike rate
Have a place strike rate that correlates with the win strike rate
Have shown consistency over a decent period of time
Not be affected unduly by big priced winners

Negative stats for layers - MUST

Have a poor overall win strike rate
Have a place strike rate that correlates with the win strike rate
Show consistency in terms of being consistently poor

The stats provided to you by RacingTrends are significant ......

"I have only been a subscriber to Dave's Service for about 7 months, but I have found the info provided invaluable in that time. Particularly with the flat turf season the draw pace & sire stats have been outstandingly profitable.

Dave must be hard working to produce all this Data and it is all useful.Dave always responds to my emails, even the most banal of comments, his words are always very informative. I like this service because it allows a small stake punter like me to land some nice touches.

I have landed 8 tricasts in the last 3 weeks last Saturday’s at Thirsk paid £170 odd to a £1 stake, a 14/1 winner yesterday from one bet, and several each way doubles which have returned over 50/1. Today 3 bets 20/1, 13/2 & 9/2 all placed. The 20/1 only beaten a neck. I'm happy for you to pass on my thoughts about the service.

I'll be a subscriber for a long time to come. "



What Sort of Information Will I Be Sent Each Day?

Each day Dave will highlight to you any matches to proven profit making research in the following key areas:




Horses can be advantaged or disadvantaged due to their Draw or where the line up at the start in the starting stalls. Racecourses in the UK exhibit different nuances for draw bias. These may be down to course geometry or variation in ground across the width of the course. It also maybe due to uneven watering of the track. Dave is one of the leading experts in the field of draw bias in the UK. If there are relevant draw statistics the client message will discuss them in detail.

Did you know that backing all horses drawn 1 at a particular course (all distances) would have yielded a profit of £3117.20 profit to £10 level stakes? And NO it is NOT Chester!


Favourites win on average 30% of races losing around 6.5% of turnover if betting them at starting price. This figure varies between race types such as maidens or handicaps. After analysing over 75,000 past races Dave has identified key factors that can indicated whether a horse is a good or bad favourite.

GOOD VALUE FAVOURITES – The obvious attraction of backing favourites is the high strike rate of winning bets. This section highlights favourites that have good long term statistics. Finding good value favourites is not easy and it is difficult to make a significant amount of money backing them but good opportunities do arise.

POOR VALUE FAVOURITES – No one likes laying a ten to one winner. For exchange layers often the most comfortable horse to take on is a short priced favourite. This section highlights favourites that have poor long term statistics and hence these horses become opportunities for lay bets . If you are a backer you may also choose to take on these favourites with a longer odds selection of your choice.

Is There More?



The general betting public often latch on to a horse that won Last Time Out.

It’s natural. The horse is a proven recent winner. This fact however is publicised widely in every newspaper racing page in the country.

If you are asking the question .. "With all this public money for such horses depressing odds .. there must be opportunities to lay them" .. you are thinking along the right lines.

The trick is knowing under what conditions last time out winners have been most profitable to lay. That is what this section will highlight to you.



Trainers are in many ways creatures of habit. They learn from their past triumphs and try to repeat the process.

They have favoured courses, they have favoured race types, they have their favourite times of the year, etc, etc.

Trainer stats can be very useful if used sensibly. What you are seeking are stats with:

a) a solid overall strike rate
b) proven long term profits
c) show consistency on a yearly basis
d) are not skewed by one or two big priced winners.

When such strong trainer stats arise, as a client of RacingTrends you will know.

Do you know which trainer between April and June has had 9 winners and 3 placed horses from 13 runners in 2 year old maidens at Musselburgh? And it is not one of the big guns either.



Essentially these are the opposite type of trainer stat – here poor trainer stats will be noted. Hence these will be horses to avoid. There are two options as noted in the favourites section – you can either take them on with an alternative selection; or if you are a layer you may wish to lay them.



This section notes the trainers that have the best strike rates at the courses on any given day.



This lists the trainers who are showing the best recent form. Most days each trainer will simply be noted in a list. Occasionally I will go into more detail giving their form over the past 14 days. Any horse trained by a listed trainer does require closer scrutiny



The Sire is the father of the horse.
Picture a mythical 100m sprint race between the off spring of Linford Christie and a child of Two Jags John Prescott.

Without having seen either child run before, where would you put your pound at even money?

Most likely you would asses that Linford Christie’s son had a strong Sire stat.

If the son of Linford Christie were racing the son of Sebastian Coe you may be keen to know whether they were running over a distance of 100m or 1500m.

Sire stats in racing is an area that very few people use or appreciate.

They can help especially in 2 year old races; when examining lightly raced animals; extremes of going / all weather; distance requirements at certain ages.



Pretty much as per the section above but in reverse. What is sought here are the strongest clues from breeding that a horse is unlikely to perform well under the days race conditions.

"I have known Dave for a number of years. He must be the countries foremost expert on Horse Racing Draw. In more recent times he has developed a vast knowledge of Racing Trends and Systems and in my opinion must have accumulated a massive library of racing stats.

Over the years I have always received a detailed and honest answer to any questions I have had. It is very obvious to those with any association with him that Dave is very hard working and must put in many hours to achieve the results and information he has. "





When we refer to Pace here we are referring to a horses’ running style. Is it a horse that likes to shoot out of the stalls and take an early lead or is it more of a hold up horse that prefers to strike nearer the finish line?

Research indicates that certain course and distance combinations exhibit a significant bias towards certain Pace or running styles.

Did you know there is a course where in races over 5 furlongs the front runner has won 38.4 % of all races?

Whenever such strong pace biases come into play we pinpoint them to you as a client.


This exciting Big Race Research package is yours to keep just for testing us out.

Every race in the UK has different characteristics.

It takes a different type of horse to win each major race.

Dave has researched ten of the major races in the UK

He has examined each race in detail going back an amazing 16 years of history for each and every race.

For each individual race he has profiled the characteristics of winning value horses. ( We are not just looking for winners..we are looking for PROFITS. )

He has identified a simple past profitable systematic betting method for each of the ten major races examined.

A different method has been individually researched designed for each race.

Your BIG RACE SYSTEMS BONUS package will provide you the researched betting rules for every one of the following races.


Supreme Novices Hurdle (Cheltenham)
Cheltenham Gold Cup (Cheltenham)
Grand National (Aintree)
Melling Chase (Aintree)
Derby (Epsom)
Coventry Stakes (Ascot)
Royal Hunt Cup (Ascot)
Duke of Edinburgh (Ascot)
Goodwood mile (Goodwood)
Paddy Power Gold Cup (Cheltenham)

Just how profitable have these methods been in the past?

Over the 16 years research period betting on each and every race above you would have had :

425 bets

106 winners

At starting price odds and stakes of £100 per horse your net profit would have been a staggering £44,740 !

You can download this Big Race Systems package immediately as soon as you join.

It's then yours to keep .. for life as a thank you from us for at least testing out the service.


"I think Dave runs an honest service. I am not with the service long but I don't envisage leaving it within the foreseeable future. As a rule I generally don't discuss with others information I pay for, though I do like to talk about horse racing. I think I have generally improved my approach to betting on horses because of this service. I like the way draw and pace stats are presented. "



I understand I’ll get:

Immediately added to your list of select clients.

Regular emails from you sent in advance of the days racing where you will highlight all the important matches to key profitable research you have carried out.

An Immediate client welcome email with instructions on how I can access to your Big Race Systems download package.

The Promise of a Full 100% No Quibble Refund Guarantee if Not Entirely Happy .. for any reason what so ever ! This applies to any monthy subs but your first two weeks are Non refundable
...... because they are FREE

I understand that I can keep the Big Race Systems download just for testing you out.


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